Christa Durand – owner


I am the mom of the most gorgeous family Durand. I am married to a very fun-loving and creative man, Rudi Durand, who makes us proud by his contribution to the animation industry and his passion for mastering any possible craft on the ocean! My own children’s passion for life and living has drawn my first students to Chit-Chat.

My daughter Sonja is in gr11 FHHS and my son El-Juan, gr9,  is a weekly boarder at Rondebosch High. Our children both fully participate and excel in life in- and outside of school.

I LOVE AND ENJOY PEOPLE and it brings me the greatest joy to see any and every type of personality come ALIVE in class-times. My passion is teaching and I have the ability to make students fall in love with Afrikaans.

Amber Hawton


I have been tutoring English, Afrikaans and Biology for the last 3 years. I am currently studying for a bachelor’s in education for senior phase and FET. I am specializing in Hospitality studies, English and Life Orientation.
I love helping students finally get to understand what has frustrated them previously. I enjoy tutoring Afrikaans because as an English person I can understand where the students confusion comes in and I am able to translate the material in such a way as for them to understand.
I have been working at the Valley Tutor center teaching Cambridge English and Biology for just over a year now.
I enjoy spending my down time with my dogs and going camping with my family.

Roxanne van der Schyff


I’m a mother of two boys, a qualified high school teacher and now a tutor with Chit Chat. I’m a creative and sunny soul always looking for the opportunity to be silly and crack a joke or two. I’ve been passionate about education for as long as I can remember, it’s what I was born to do.  I love studying more than anything and this is what keeps me motivated to grow and teach. I adore children, they have a refreshing and unrestricted outlook on life and this makes teaching such meaningful work for me. I’m fairly new to teaching Afrikaans and am really loving how dynamic and expressive this young language can be.

Marike Colyn


I am a full time tutor and exchange student facilitator who love working with teenagers. My only daughter, Emma, is 13 and attends an all girls school in Stellenbosch. She is water polo crazy, so I often end up spending my weekends next to the swimming pool. Fortunately I’m also a current affairs nut, so I make sure that I have a newspaper to hand or listen to podcasts of radio shows. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading – especially biographies – and watching Amazing Race. I used to work in the corporate sector as a coach and performance management specialist, and often consulted on training material development projects. I am so privileged to make a difference in the lives of children, however, and my greatest joy is seeing them succeed.

Micaela Stroebel


I am a qualified foundation phase teacher, from Bloemfontein. Graduating from the University of the Free State.

Currently teaching CIE Afrikaans ( Cambridge ) I have a massive passion for children and I always dreamed of one day becoming a teacher. I’m purposely driven to make a difference were possible. I’m a fun out of the box creative person believing to always be myself.

I love to teach and believe in the principle of doing everything with love and kindness. To teach is to touch hearts and changes lives because “where there is no vision people perish” Proverbs 29:18

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